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About Us

Empowering Women

Rising Goddess International is about remembering God in you. God created women to be confident, beautiful, sensual, ambitious, intelligent, empowered beings. Through life's experiences, we often take on beliefs systems which derail us from our true self and from God's Truth. Our mission is to remind you of who you are. 

Together we will identify patterns, agreements, and beliefs you have learned along your path in life. As a sisterhood, we will provide specific tools to shift these beliefs. It's time to find the keys, unlock the chains and allow your Goddess (God in you) to shine through.

Rising Goddess International offers the following services:

  • Women Retreats: Small, intimate weekend retreats located in beautiful, serene locations surrounded by nature. Our retreats are personally created for the woman desiring to reconnect with herself while sharing space with other feminine souls on similar paths of discovering their inner goddess. During this journey, we will greet each morning with a Sun Salutation yoga led by one of our amazing certified yoga instructors. Throughout the day, various self-discovery activities will take place as we gather in our goddess circle. Here we come together to laugh, cry, and hold space surrounded by a nurturing, feminine energy. Each evening we will be treated to participate in our signature, slow, sensual, feminine movement, Goddess Yoga to encourage your inner goddess to rise. Healthy, organic meals are provided each day to assist in your sustainability while keeping you grounded as you reclaim your feminine soul. 

Our intention/mission is for you to walk back into your life with tools to guide to feel empowered and confident. Should you require guidance and support, before or after the retreat, we will be available to assist you on your journey with our life coaching services.  The Hawaiian term, “Ohana” means family, and when you attend one of our events as a Rising Goddess, you are family.

  • Life Coaching: To assist you with this time, you will meet with Maxine Osborn, a certified life coach, to dig deeper and reveal any patterns or limited beliefs you are running. As these patterns and limited beliefs are revealed, it is then we can transform them so you remember who you are created to be and to truly love life again. To book a private session, click here

  • Goddess Yoga: Goddess Yoga is something our founder, Maxine Osborn, self created. This class is taught at many different studios in the Houston area. This class is specifically designed to allow you to reclaim your feminine body...on your terms. We turn off the lights, turn up the music and allow our bodies to move... freely... unapologetically... maybe for the first time. We inhale our idea of “sexy” and swirl it around within and exhale what’s really within...our feminine sensuality. It’s pure, it’s our truth, it’s who we are that we’ve tucked deep inside because somewhere along our path, we learned it wasn’t safe. I’m here to tell you, it is! And it’s yours to reclaim! If you are interested in attending one of our Goddess Yoga classes, click here to send us a message.

My mission is to teach women self-love, self-worth and to remember why they were created. These qualities are already within them, and somewhere along the path of life, they took on other beliefs and agreed, either consciously or subconsciously, to give their power away. Our life coaching system is offering a golden key to unlock their God given gifts so they can co-create the lives they were intended to live.

Welcome to our Rising Goddess sisterhood!

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